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Gulet cruise & tours in Turkey

A few blissful days relaxing on the Mediterranean is great way to experience some of the Turkish coast and ancient Lycia.

Cabin Charter

Lie back beneath a blue sky, as you enjoy the opulence of a chartered sailing experience. Let a full crew service your needs. Sleep in a hotel room with an ever changing sea‐view. Eat delicious freshly caught fish, grilled with bay leaves handpicked from along the shore and imagine you’re Odysseus on the journey of a lifetime.

Turkey’s topaz waters flow through myriad of stunning coves, inlets, bays and beaches. In fact, over 8,000km of coastline and four seas are just waiting for you to explore! Tell me more

Take to the water on a traditional wooden Gulet. These two masted, old‐world sailing vessels take you back in time to mythical sea journeys, except with modern day conveniences and crew.

Tailored Gulet cruises carry you away to the most exquisite secluded bays, coves and golden beaches of Turkey’s spectacular coastline. You’ll dock in bustling harbours and secluded inlets along the way, wending through the treasures of Turkey’s historical and cultural sites. Select from our selection of cabin charter gulet cruises below.

Enjoy the romance and adventure of taking a journey through the idyllic seas. A perfect trip for a couple or the whole family. Simply drift through the waters or snorkel, fish, water ski and explore the coastline’s natural and historic sites. Select your dream gulet for your private cruise.

Need help planning your ultimate gulet cruise holiday?

We are a full service agency and as well as your private gulet we can organise your flights, accommodation and local tour guides and transfers. We can also advise you on visa information.

If you're not sure about which gulet is best for you then talk to our friendly travel agents, we're ready to help.

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