Ephesus Library, important ruins in Turkey

Ephesus, the most important city of antiquity, is one of the many Greco-Roman ruins you will find on your tour of Turkey. There are more Greco-Roman ruins in Turkey than in Greece!

Destinations in Turkey

Spanning two continents and bursting with exotic Eastern and Western delights, Turkey is a must see destination for any traveller. Australia’s favourite Turkey tour specialist, Fairy Chimneys Travel offer a range of holiday options to make your journey to Turkey pure pleasure.

Istanbul Ortakoy Mosque

World Heritage Sites

There are 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Turkey and many of our tours cover some of them.

Traveller highlights of Turkey

  • Istanbul
  • Cappadocia
  • Hierapolis
  • Pamukkale
  • Antalya
  • Ephesus
  • Gallipoli
  • Kas & Fethiye
  • Perge and Aspendos
  • Pergamum
  • Troy
  • Mount Nemrut
  • Harran
  • Sanliurfa
  • Mardin
  • Safranbolu
  • Greek Islands visit


If you haven't been to Istanbul then this city is a must see for any traveller to Turkey. Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilisations are all on display amid the hustle and bustle of the modern day cultural Capital of Turkey. more...


The highlight of any trip to Turkey, Cappadocia, boasts an amazing landscape, the Goreme world heritage open air museum, fine wines and food, cave hotels, underground cities, the perfect hot air ballooning experience and even a great place to buy Turkish hand made carpets. more...


Hierapolis, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was once a Roman healing centre and spa with the abundance of surrounding natural hot springs. Hierapolis sits adjacent to Pamukkale.


The abundance of hot springs in the region have created white limestone terraced formations in the area known as Pamukkale meaning "Cotton Castle" in Turkish.


Because of the archaeological and natural riches of the area, Antalya is also known as the Turkish Riviera. The sun, sea, nature and history combine to form a very popular resort.


You will find some of the best preserved Greco-Roman ruins in Turkey at Ephesus. The resort town of Kusadasi is a good base for exploring Ephesus and the surrounding area, and is even the port town for a trip to the Greek Island of Samos, just 1.6 kms from the Turkish coast.


In Australian and New Zealand folk lore Gallipoli refers to the 8 month campaign in 1915, and a turning point in the identity of these two young countries. Each year thousands of Aussies and Kiwi's visit the Gallipoli peninsular's various graves and monuments to the fallen soldiers - it's a moving experience you'll never forget, especially the dawn service on Anzac day.

Gulet cruise

Kas & Fethiye

Kas & Fethiye are great towns on the Mediterranean coast is great for exploring ancient Lycian ruins, taking day trips by boat or even spending several sun soaked days cruising the Mediterranean on a gulet.


Pergamum was a very important Greek city state during the Hellenistic period and later during Roman times, famous for it's great library. Pergamum still has many well preserved monuments today.


A UNESCO World Heritage site, Troy has a legendary reputation from the ancient world. You will find ruins from the famous Trojan war in 1200 BC and other ruins dating back to 3000 BC. Because of the age of the ruins they are less well preserved than other ancient cities in Turkey.

Mount Nemrut

One of the most impressive sights in Turkey, the man-made summit of Mount Nemrut is littered with the remains of huge statues that were once 9 metres high. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the mausoleum of King Antiochus I and the mountain summit is believed to contain the King's grave.


Harran has been inhabited since the Early Bronze Age III (3rd millennium BCE). Today, Harran is famous for it's beehive houses which were designed 3000 years ago.


The old town of Sanliurfa, is very traditional and has a mystical feeling. More commonly known as Urfa, the city contains sites that attract hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims every year.


Mardin is full of buildings dating back hundreds of years, many built of sandstone, and gives you the feeling of being in a historic city. The Saffron Monastery, one of the oldest Christian churches in the world, is 6 kms from Mardin and has floor mosaics dating back 1,500 years.


Safranbolu is a treat of Ottoman architecture and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are many beautifully preserved old buildings and even artisans practising traditional crafts such as ironmongers and coppersmiths.

Greek Islands visit

A fantastic way to mix up a tour of Turkey is to pop over to Greece for a day or two. There are ferries or boats from Turkey to Rhodes, Samos, Kos, Megisti and Lesvos.