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Turkey is a bridge between East and West. It is a country of ancient conquests, rich in architecture, history, culture, passionate hospitality, and delicious food. Encircled by seas on three sides, much of Turkey’s coastline offers a perfect blue ocean vista. Simply relax in the azure Mediterranean. See where Odysseus set sail on the historic Aegean. Or witness the phenomenon of the inland Black Sea, bordered by mountainous countryside. From the ruins of Troy to ornate Byzantine churches or relics of the Ottoman Empire, the battlefields of history are speckled across Turkey’s stunning landscape.

A sumptuous banquet of variety

Visitors to Turkey are stunned by the country’s diversity. Take a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia for a bird’s eye view of the wondrous natural rocky landscape eroded into spectacular pillars and minarets. On land, encounter the caves of Abraham, the stunning winding road to ancient Acropolis or slumber in a luxury hotel built inside Byzantine hand‐carved cave structures. Of course, a pilgrimage to the battlefields of Gallipoli is a must. After witnessing the spoils of war, relax and steam yourself in a traditional Hamam (bath house) fitted with spectacular domes, arches, marble and tiles.

An ancient and contemporary nation

In Istanbul, home to many of time’s empires, discover the Turkey of today. Stylish markets, bars and delicious modern Ottoman cuisine put this city on the map. Turkey is renowned for the warm hospitality of its people. So don’t be surprised to find yourself sated and enjoying the company of new friends even before you leave the table. Thriving Turkish culture offers an array of galleries, music spots and museums. Old world taverns and tea gardens are still feature, so you can sample a Turkish brew or traditional black tea. Explore a little to unveil the remarkable sights threaded between the city’s exquisite mosques and great imperial remnants. Like a delicious Turkish meal, a mix of flavours and shared mezze plates, Turkey has something for everyone. Simply tuck in and let the feast unfold.

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