Tailored private tours in Turkey

It’s attention to detail that counts. For a perfect fit, allow Fairy Chimneys Travel to handcraft your Turkey tour, featuring every destination, comfort or luxury you desire.

“memories you'll cherish forever.”

Select a pre‐arranged travel itinerary or let us create your own personal journey.

With Fairy Chimneys Travel, your tour will be full of local insider secrets, once in a lifetime encounters and unique experiences. Our tailored tours cater for couples, families or small groups. But regardless of who you travel with, your trip to Turkey will be an intimate journey into the heart of a country with delicious food, charming hospitality, and landscapes that are a wonder to behold.

  • amazing tour guides
  • fascinating destinations
  • insider secrets
  • unique accommodation
  • comfortable travel
  • tailored for you

Fully Escorted Private Tour

From airport pickup to drop off, enjoy Turkey from the comfort of your private chauffeur driven vehicle...

Semi Independent Tours

Made for the independent traveller, you’ll tour favourite destinations, sites you’ve longed to see and enjoy some time to roam in between...

Short Breaks

If you’re on a tight schedule, a short break gives a mouth‐watering peek into the real Turkey...

When you travel to Turkey, Fairy Chimneys Travel ensure that where you sleep is just as memorable as what you see.

hotel near Mount Ida, Turkey - private tailored tours

Luxuriate in a lavish cave hotel, carved from ancient rock by the hands of the Byzantines.

Breathe in the sea‐salty Mediterranean air, as you sink into the pillows of a charming pension in a small Turkish village.

Feast on fresh local honey, eggs and produce in a fully‐stocked gourmet kitchen in a stone and timber country style hotel at the foot of Mount Ida.

Visit Istanbul and stay in an ancient neo‐Ottoman palace fit for a king, overlooking the straits of Bosphorus.

No matter what your budget is, Fairy Chimneys Travel will find you the most authentic, unique and exclusive place to rest each day. You’ll always be in the heart of the real Turkey, with access to the best local taverns, restaurants, shops and sites. Whether you prefer an intimate B&B, a boutique hotel or a luxury mansion, Fairy Chimneys Travel has the insider knowledge to match the best accommodation with your Turkey tour.

We offer a fleet of standard and luxury vehicles, ranging from cars to vans to coaches, whatever you desire. Here are some of the vehicles we offer.

Standard Vehicles

Volkswagen Passat private tour

Volkswagen Passat

4 + 1 seater

Roomy, sophisticated and comfortable - that's what the Volkswagen Passat will be to you.

Volkswagen Crafter private tour

Volkswagen Crafter

13/16 + 1 seater

From its striking new styling, to its impressive list of standard features, the Crafter exceeds all expectations. The interior exudes quality, whilst affording all the comfort and practicalities you need.

Luxury Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz have been making premium cars in one form or another for 125 years. You do not stay in business that long, without being good at what you do. Big is beautiful.

Mercedes-Benz E250 private tour

Mercedes-Benz E250

4 + 1 seater

The interior design is unmistakable: Carefully selected materials and a high-quality finish create a unique atmosphere. The high-quality woods and upholstery highlight the individual style of the interior of the E-Class.

Mercedes-Benz S350 auto private tour

Mercedes-Benz S350 auto

4 + 1 seater

Like all S-class Mercedes, the S350 is basically a rolling living room on wheels. You'll actually feel refreshed after 8 hours lounging in this car.

Volkswagen Caravelle private tour

Volkswagen Caravelle

8 + 1 seater

A Volkswagen Caravelle provides a top blend of comfort, space and safety for the passengers. It's huge on the inside thanks to it's long wheelbase.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter private tour

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

13 + 1 seater

With seating for up to twelve and plenty of room for luggage, the Sprinter Transfer has a well-equipped, attractively modern interior. The interior has been designed to give you and your passengers exceptional levels of comfort as well as providing outstanding active and passive safety features

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