Anzac Day at Gallipoli Memorial

In 2015 you will have a once in a lifetime chance to be touring on a cruise ship heading to Gallipoli for the 100th year commemoration of ANZAC day. The face is of Private Leslie John Langdon, 11th Battalion, killed in action 25 April, 1915.

11 days

Gallipoli To Bodrum
Anzac Day

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Tour Overview

11 day cruise

Ports - Canakkale, Bozcaada, Assos, Dikili, Phocaea, Alacati, Kusadasi, Bodrum

The Boutique Cruise - meet Esma Sultan

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Excursions - Dawn Service, Gallipoli Battlefields, Troy, Assos, Pergamum, Ephesus, Sirince, Priene, Miletus, Didyma

Group Size - Maximum 16 guests

The soldiers of Gallipoli have passed into legend. Learn their story. Follow their footsteps. Remember their sacrifice.

Anzac Day Cruise offers you a truly exceptional travel experience. A glimpse into history to discover legends beyond the battlefields.

Board on a luxury yacht (gulet) and set sail upon the Aegean, just as the Athenian, Spartan and Allied armadas have done. Explore the legendary ancient city of Ephesus for a glimpse of life as the ancient Greeks and Romans lived. Re-enact the 1915 voyage to Anzac Cove, departing the Greek island of Lemnos like the first ANZACs.

Gain insight into ancient cultures, battles old and new, the Turkish Gallipoli story and intriguing links between the battlefields and legends beyond. Share the unforgettable moment as dawn breaks over Anzac Cove, immersed in the solemn recollection of more than a century. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to join the proud Gallipoli tradition and participate in Anzac Centenary commemorations.

Infused with the perception of over 20 years tour design experience, Anzac Day Cruise is a sumptuous blend of tribute and luxury. A simply unmissable opportunity.

Date Port/City Activity Schedule
Sun 23rd April Canakkale Arrive in Istanbul
Airport and
transfer to Canakkale
1:00 pm Transfer from Ataturk Airport
6:00 pm Arrive at 4 star hotel in Canakkale
Mon 24th April Canakkale Excursion: Troy
and Navy Museum
9:00 am Excursion
2:00 pm Return to hotel, free afternoon
11:00 pm Leave for Anzac Cove Dawn
Tue 25th April Canakkale Dawn Service,
Free day
in Canakkale
1:00 am Anzac Boat Tour
(landing re-enactment)
2:00 am Dawn Service Registration
5:30 am Dawn Service
1:00 pm Leave Gallipoli Battlefields
2:00 pm Arrive Canakkale
Wed 26th April Bozcaada Excursion:
Anzac Cove,
Beach Cemetery,
Lone Pine,
Chunuk Bair, Regiment
Turkish Cemetery,
Overnight in Corlu
Embark on Luxury
Gulet in Canakkale
9:00 am Excursion
2:00 pm Embark Cruise and Depart
5:00 pm Arrive Bozcaada (Tenedos)
Thu 27th April Assos Free morning
in Tenedos,
Sail to Assos
Temple of Athena
1:00 pm Depart
3:00 pm Arrive and Excursion
Fri 28th April Dikili Lunch in Ayvalik
& Acropolis
10:00 am Depart
12:00 pm Arrive in Ayvalik,
Lunch & Excursion
9:00 pm back to cruise in Dikili
Sat 29th April Phocaea Sail to Phocaea,
afternoon free
9:00 am Depart
1:00 pm Arrive
Sun 30th April Alacati Sail to Alacati,
afternoon free
9:00 am Depart
1:00 pm Arrive
Mon 01st May Kusadasi Sail to Kusadasi
Excursion: Ephesus,
Virgin Mary & Sirince
8:00 am Depart
12:30 pm Arrive
1:30 pm Excursion
5:30 pm back to cruise in Kusadasi
Tue 02nd May Bodrum Excursion: Priene,
Miletus, Dydima
Sail to Bodrum
9:00 am Excursion
11:30 pm back on cruise in Didim
and Depart
5:00 pm Arrive
Wed 03rd May Airport Disembark from
8:00 am and
transfer to airport
9:00 am Transfer to Bodrum Airport (1 hr)
Anzac Cruise Map


Day 1
Sunday 23 April, 2017

Welcome to Istanbul where you will be greeted at 1pm at Ataturk Airport making way for a 5 hour drive to the Gallipoli Peninsula. Cross the Dardanelles by ferry to your accommodation in the town of Canakkale.

Troy, Canakkale

Day 2
Monday 24 April, 2017
breakfast, lunch & dinner

Indulge a passion for culture in the ruins of Troy, and uncover secret links between Priam’s celebrated kingdom and Gallipoli. The Ancient city of Troy, where excavations began in the late 1800s is impressive for its great age (the oldest ruins date from 3000 BC) and beautiful situation. We will then visit the Canakkale Military Museum where HMS Queen Elizabeth’s 15” shell landed without exploding. In the afternoon we will have a chance to rest with time at leisure before our big night tonight.

AE2, the Australian Submarine - Gallipoli to Bodrum Anzac Day

Anzac Boat Tour, Dawn Service

Day 3
Tuesday 25 April, 2017
breakfast, lunch & dinner

From midnight, your Anzac boat will cruise around the peninsula for a minute-by-minute re-enactment of the ANZAC soldiers approaching Gallipoli in exactly the same way in 1915. Our Anzac boat will dock in Kabatepe, only a short drive from the Anzac Commemorative Site. Pay your respects as a lone bugle sounds and the shadows of 102 years loom against the breaking dawn sun. At first light we will commemorate our fallen forefathers during the moving ANZAC Day Dawn Service. You will also have the chance to visit the Australian Memorial at Lone Pine before heading to Chunuk Bair Memorial to attend the New Zealand Memorial Service. After the Dawn Service, we return to our hotel and have free time to relax.

Gallipoli Battlefields Tour

Day 4
Wednesday 26 April, 2017
breakfast, lunch & dinner
gallipoli cruise battlefields map small - Gallipoli to Bodrum Anzac Day

This morning we cross the Dardanelles for an exclusive tour of the Gallipoli WWI battlefields including Lone Pine, Chunuk Bair memorials, Anzac Cove, Brighton Beach and Ari Burnu Cemetery as well as Johnston’s Jolly, with its original Allied and Turkish trenches. We board our luxurious boutique gulet in Eceabat and cruise to Bozcaada also know as Tenedos Island.

Bozcaada Island, Assos

Day 5
Thursday 27 April, 2017
breakfast, lunch & dinner

Enjoy time at leisure wandering the peaceful and picturesque alleys of Bozcaada or walk up to the Fortress looming over the town. Home to vineyards and orchards, winetasting is a must here.

Canakkale Naval Museum - Gallipoli to Bodrum Anzac Day

Ayvalik, Pergamum

Day 6
Friday 28 April, 2017
breakfast, lunch & dinner

Discover an old Greek village a few streets from the waterfront. The town is surrounded by groves of olive trees and has several Orthodox churches now converted to mosques, and some graceful old mansions converted into boutique hotels. Enjoy the picturesque harbour of Ayvalik before heading to the ruins of Pergamum on the Upper Acropolis. Here you will see the Acropolis temple remains and theatre which has the steepest seating of any theater in the ancient world.

Gallipoli Turkish Memorial - Gallipoli to Bodrum Anzac Day


Day 7
Saturday 29 April, 2017
breakfast, lunch & dinner

Phocaea, a Turkish Aegean seaside resort divided in to Old and New Town. Phocaea Ancient site located between two towns, enjoying the seaside atmosphere, the old Ottoman-Greek houses fronted by open-air restaurants lining the shore are the highlights of today’s visit. Enjoy fine dining tonight in a seafood restaurant by the harbour.


Day 8
Sunday 30 April, 2017
breakfast, lunch & dinner

Enjoy the wonderful scenery this morning as we cruise to Alacati, an Aegean Sea coast town world famous for wind-surfing. Explore the charming old stone houses on Alacati's narrow cobblestone streets before tasting local food and wine.

The Dawn Service at Anzac Cove - Gallipoli to Bodrum Anzac Day

Important information about 2015 Anzac Day Commemorations

Gallipoli-2015 plans to enable all passengers to share the Anzac Spirit and enjoy the once-in-a life time event you came for. There are three options for participating in centenary celebrations:

  1. Will leave the cruise ship late evening on 24th April at Canakkale port and travel by bus to the Gallipoli Peninsula ceremony site. After the Anzac Cove, Lone Pine and Chunuk Bair ceremonies on 25 April, passengers will return to the cruise ship by bus. The chance of very cold and wet weather should be considered by all on land commemoration attendees.

  2. Will leave the cruise ship late evening on 24th April at Canakkale port and travel by bus attend the independent Dawn Service, to be held at a location of special ANZAC significance within Gallipoli National Park. Following a big-screen broadcast of official proceedings on 25 April, passengers will enjoy a gunfire breakfast and return to the cruise ship by bus.

  3. Will remain aboard the cruise ship, that will sail to Anzac Cove late on 24th April and anchor offshore. On land commemorations will be observed utilising the latest communications technology from within the comfort of the ship. After the ceremonies, the cruise ship will collect returning passengers at Canakkale port, en-route to Istanbul.

More FAQ's about the Ballot

Ephesus, Sirince wine-tasting

Day 9
Monday 01 May, 2017
breakfast, lunch & dinner

Soak up the mystical ambience of history today with a visit to The House of Virgin Mary followed by the ruins of Ephesus, one of the ancient world wonders. Walk the 2,000 year old marble streets of this fine archaeological site on the way to Hadrian’s Temple and the renowned Celsus Library. Enjoy wine-tasting in Sirince Village located on top of a mountain overlooking wine yards and peach trees surrounding the cultural and historical village houses.

Priene, Miletus, Didyma, Bodrum

Day 10
Tuesday 02 May, 2017
breakfast, lunch & dinner

Travel through history's backroads today exploring the hidden gems of ancient times. Discover the ancient cities of Priene where there are many examples of Hellenic art and architecture, its well-preserved theatre and bouleuterion (council chamber), and the remains of its grand Temple of Athena, a work of Pythius of Halicarnassus, the architect of the famed Mausoleum. The Athena Polias Temple was reconstructed by Alexander The Great as a gift to the city. Continue to the ancient city of Miletus which was once one of the largest cities in Anatolia with many colonies and lastly to Didyma, once one of the largest temples in the Hellenic World, dedicated to Apollon. We board our gulet in Didim in time for our farewell dinner with our fellow travellers.


Day 11
Wednesday 03 May, 2017

This morning we disembark our wonderful gulet journey after breakfast. Complimentary transfer to Bodrum Airport is available, alternatively extend your stay to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Bodrum.

Gallipoli X-Beach - Gallipoli to Bodrum Anzac Day

Tour Highlights

  • Luxury Boutique Cruising on Esma Sultan
  • Spectacular Ancient Site of Ephesus
  • All inclusive program
  • Landing Enactment to Anzac Cove
  • Dawn Service at Gallipoli
  • Ancient Site of Pergamum and its Acropolis
  • Small Fishing Villages in The Aegean

What's included

  • All inclusive tour
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure
  • 7 nights onboard luxury boutique gulet
  • 3 nights hotel stay
  • Daily breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Beverages including soft drinks, house wine and local beer
  • Speciality local restaurants
  • Excursions, museum entrance fees and admissions
  • Luxury Van and Professional Local Tour Guide
  • Dawn Service
  • Ferry Tickets
  • Turkey Tourist Visa
  • Gratuities
  • 24/7 Butler service - Deluxe Suite and Owners Suite

Available on request

  • Airfares
  • Travel Insurance

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