Jill Thompson's U3A Turkey Trip, a must for your Bucket List

Posted by Mimi Millar on December 19, 2012

Having just returned from this exciting and surprised filled trip, I now know why whenever I mentioned that I was going to Turkey, people who had been, would always say "you will love it!" I now know why Agatha Christie ran away and hid in Istanbul to write Murder on The Orient Express and why Jill said "You will be amazed!"

Here is just a taste of our adventure. We were a very compatible, happy group of 10 and we experienced delicious food, warm hospitality and great shopping in Turkey. We were blown away with archaeological sights such as Ephesus which simply took our breath away. Some of us took a hot air balloon flight over the lunar like landscape of Cappadocia flying low over the famous fairy chimneys and cave dwellings. We visited ancient buildings and sites, some dating back to 7500 BC. Dazzling, amazingly preserved mosaics and frescoes made us feel quite humble.

Some of us giggled helplessly whilst having a Turkish bath in Antalya. We were all moved when we visited Gallipoli.

One day we stopped for lunch in a Caravanserai of Sultanhan once used as camel stops or "Motels" in ancient times of the Silk Road.

In Istanbul we stayed in the fascinating old city and visited the magnificent Blue Mosque with six minarets. We loved our boat trip on the Bosphorus which revealed how the rich and famous holiday in Turkey and where the ancient mega rich Sultans used to live. We were spellbound by the beauty and history of Hagia Sophia. We were fascinated and thrilled with the Spice Market and the Grand Bazaar.

Please make sure this thoughtfully designed tour is a high priority on your Bucket List! Rumour has it that Jill is off again early in 2013- don't miss this great opportunity!