Cappadocia: crown jewel of Turkey

Posted by Marcus Falay on December 2, 2011

Cappadocia is a land that inspires imagination. With entrenched valleys and lunar-like rock outcrops, Cappadocia's geographic wonders are the food of fantasy. This vibrant region is amongst the most mystical of Turkey destinations and discerning travellers revel in its rich possibilities.

Ballooning in Cappadocia

Shrouded in spectacular gold and red hued skies, Cappadocia seems to don a mystical cloak by dawn. A must for visitors is to rise with the sun and take the ultimate flight of fancy in a magnificent hot air balloon. Pilots skilfully drift their charges over tranquil ravines, plentiful orchards and surrealistic landscapes. Cappadocia by balloon is like viewing another land plucked straight from fairytales. Many argue this is the world's finest hot air ballooning experience.

Yet Cappadocia by land is no less enchanting. Wandering through the streets, travellers find the splendid fabrics and carpets displayed by street vendors simply intriguing. Street stalls and eateries entice with traditional fare of new and exciting flavours.

Cappadocia Making Grape Molasses

Exploring beyond the bustling townships will opens the cradle of civilizations wide. Byzantine homes, churches and villages carved into towering rock face are simply awe inspiring. Many allow visitors to venture below ground level and explore incredible underground cities where ancient architecture is still being rediscovered. It is even possible to cast yourself back in time by spending a night or two within an authentic cave room. Although these days forming part of a boutique hotel.

No Turkey tour is complete without a glimpse of Cappadocia's extraordinary charms. Fairy Chimneys Travel tailored tours allow you freedom to immerse yourself in this magical region in your own way.